Diet tips to kick start your weight loss

This is a tough time of year for people battling to keep control of their weight.

The burst of good resolutions from New Year has faded, and chocolate in every shape and form arrived in our homes for Easter.

Meanwhile the horrible thought of summer sun and struggling into skimpy swimming costumes looms.  So what can you do to keep motivation going?

Ultimately the key to successful weightloss is, in some shape or form, less calories in and more calories burned up with exercise.

Here are some ideas from to help:

Get out in the fresh air for a little every day

This will help in several ways to rev up your body. Spring sunlight on your skin will start to top up Vitamin D levels after the dark winter – this vitamin is essential for bone and muscle strength, and you will need it if you are going to be more active.

The clear Spring light also triggers signals in the retina of the eye that stimulate your pineal gland in your brain. This regulates production of the hormone melatonin by the gland, getting your body clock into order, clearing out winter cobwebs and putting you in a better mood to tackle your health issues.

Make a new start

Set a date to refresh your eating plans, or test out a new diet to see if it suits you (there’s lots to try) or join a weight loss scheme such as Weightwatchers.

But be rigorous – do it all properly, mark your efforts on a chart and count your points or calories carefully.

Time to try out a new activity or exercise regimen

As the weather improves outdoor sports regain their appeal so explore new areas on your bike or get along to your local club to have a go at sports like rowing, tennis or climbing.

See if High Intensity Training works for you

Experts now think that just a few minutes each day of running, cross training or cycling at full pelt for about 60 seconds at a time to the point where you are uncomfortably out of breath with your heart rate around 90% of max, are enough to shake your metabolism into a higher gear.  Check first with your doctor especially if you have heart problems.


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